The Mind Table® 'Patented' Experience:


-  The Mind Table was like this "internal massage."  Psychiatrist, Dr. Weintraub M.D. P

-  "The Mind Table gives me peace of mind."  Bryan, 16 years old, living with Spastic Dipelgia

          Bryan, 6 sessions to date in 45 minutes each, realizing and stating how important stretching 

                   and blood volume movement benefits his entire body.

"Felt at one with the universe." Virginia, Attorney

"Ultimate a loss for words...a mind softening experience."  Glen, Manufacturer's Representative

"Perfect for soldiers in a deployed environment."  Erwin, US Army, FHPC 2010

"Great....felt completely relaxed, perfect for all soldiers in high stress situations."  Suri, US Army, FHPC 2010

"No trouble with motion sickness, felt lighter, energized, and cleansed."  Ken, Attorney

"Very relaxing.  Perfect for patients in hospitals with circulatory problems."  Donald, Occupational Therapist

"The Mind Table is very intuitive, but what does the biofeedback indicate?"  Sandy, Vice President, SBDC

"So many people can benefit from the motion of The Mind Table."  Beverly,

"I have swollen shoulder syndrome but left feeling no pain at all."  Steve, Retired

"Felt stress free and more awake."  Ramon, Creative Marketing

"Wonderful.  Really relaxing and relieved pressure on my shoulders and lower back."  Nariman,

"Very positive and better than anything I've seen."  Ray,

          -  "Outstanding" Adam,          -  "Awesome" Veronica,          -  "Peaceful"  Dan,

"Great, easy to relax and calming."  Magdalena,

"It was awesome!!  It's like when you wake up and have a good eye-opening morning stretch."  Paula,

"Endless possibilities.  That's why I bought stock in The Mind Table LLC."  Mrs. M., Private Investor

"Relaxing - as it gently stretched my lower back and neck.  Would use it daily."  Eric, Public Relations Officer

"Love it!  Would be nice to do on a regular basis."  Ame, Secretary

"Very Relaxing.  The motion quickly relaxes the body as it stretches it gently and releases the mind."

Olivia, Accounting Technician.

"The Mind Table gives you no other option, but to relax." Navid, Futures Trader

"My blood pressure lowered ten points." Nicholas, Land Developer

"Time didn't exist for me." Private Investigator

"It was forced meditation." Joanne, UC Davis, Student

"I love the way my blood moves throughout my body, from head to toe, like an ocean." Local Artist

"Sleeping will be obsolete." Robert, Musician

"It just makes sense." Molly, UC Davis, Biology Student

. . . . . . .

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