The Mind Table® is a 'patented' physical and mental therapeutic device that moves the body into a controllable state of relaxation.  Through the manipulation of basic physical parameters, the client/user or an administrator can choose a range of motions most pleasing, as determined by the user and/or the biofeedback.  Our 'patent-pending' motion system reverses the ill effects of gravity on the body while moving the blood in a highly controllable manner.  With the body relaxed and in a constant state of near imperceptible motion, immediate and practical benefits can emerge, such as the "Relaxation Response," as described from Dr. Herbert Benson.

          The Mind Table® provides a therapeutic system and method for aiding in the alleviation of stress, which may be applied quickly, without having to teach the patient a wide variety of techniques in advance, with minimal maintenance and operational needs, complementary to most disciplines, all without the need of pharmaceuticals.  Cost reduction logically follows which immediately stimulates all other business sectors, building a stronger financial system.

         The Mind Table® can be equipped with headphones and video goggles, to provide soothing sight and sound.  Blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, brainwave activity, to name a few recordable variables, is available at your finger tips.  The data can be recorded, charted, graphed, and correlated with various number values.  You can replay, edit, and modify your program, upload into a PDA, while allowing ease of future evaluation and ease of transportation to your various health care practitioners.    You will relax and quickly apply the benefits of our 'patent pending' therapeutic motion system, while your biofeedback is being recorded - your personalized health records.


"The Relaxation Response" - "Counteracts the harmful effects of stress." Dr. Herbert Benson

"Evoke the Relaxation Response, ...reap the healthful rewards." Dr. Herbert Benson ____________________________________________________________________________


 The Mind Table® 

"Perfect for conflict resolution."

A San Francisco attorney stated after a private showing.


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