The Mind Table® ‘Patented' Therapeutic System:

-  Complete cellular decompression in a gentle stretch to the entire body:

          The only holistic massage of its kind

-      Manipulate gravity to relax the nervous system:

          Gravity is a commodity that is controllable

-      Provides a gradual and controllable shift in blood volume:

          Enhance tissue perfusion:

-      Improve the cardiovascular system:

          Blood brings vital nutrients to the body

-      Customizable stretching profiles correlated with biofeedback:

          Monitor and control heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave activity, and more...

-      Control your biofeedback with scientific accuracy:

          Reduce cellular atrophy, reduce bedsores, relax muscles and controllably stretch your entire body

-      The only personalized 'patent pending' therapeutic system of its kind:

          Unsurpassed cost benefit and ROI - Custom built


   Relax Muscles, Rehydrate the Skin, Relieve Back Pain and Reduce the physical stress gravity has upon the body. Controllably stretch the entire body through ‘patent pending’ blood movement therapy profiles.  Increase flexibility while improving both physical and mental athletic performance.  Build and tone muscle, improving bone joint health through complete cellular decompression.  Record, monitor and control biofeedback with scientific accuracy.


"Deliberate movements that use gravity as a comprehensive stimulus bring the maximum benefits."  Dr. Vernikos, The G-Connection: Harness Gravity and Reverse Aging

"Every sense and every system in your body - every bone, muscle, tissue fiber, and cell - wither or thrives according to the way in which you use gravity."  Dr. Vernikos


"When thoughts are calm, muscles relax and the electric brain activity shifts to the steadier rhythm alpha waves.  Finally the pulse drops, as does blood pressure and the utilization of oxygen."  Dr. Klein, The Science of Happiness

"Health contributes to positive feelings, and, conversely, the absence of anger and stress is good for one's health." Dr. Klein, The Science of Happiness


"Stress doesn't only diminish emotional well-being but is physically harmful."  

Dr. Sapolsky, 1997


Dr. Herbert Benson coined the term "Relaxation Response" in 1975

The body's response to natural relaxation.

Opposite of the fight-or-flight.

       "The Prevention of stress-related disease carries with it enormous significance, for the individual and their family in terms of their own physical and mental well being, and for society as a whole through huge dollar savings in health expenditures.  It is possible that the regular elicitation of the Relaxation Response will prevent huge personal suffering and social costs now being inflicted on us by high blood pressure and its related ailments."   

                               Dr. Herbert Benson, The Relaxation Response.

     "We are in the midst of an epidemic, the name of this epidemic is - hypertension." Dr. Herbert Benson

     "Doctors have recognized for years that stress is taking a toll.   It is not difficult to understand the correlation between the highly competitive, time-pressured society in which we live and mental stress with its influence on heart disease."  Dr. Herbert Benson 


"Society should sanction the time for the relaxation response."

Herbert Benson M.D. The Relaxation Response

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