The Mind Table® can be tailored for any environment imaginable -  

For the front lines of our combat troops, to the silent beds of our coma patients,

For the thousands of Geriatric departments, to the numerous hospice centers,

For the factory line workers, to the rehabilitation centers of our minds,

For the high stress level law firm, to the 80 hour a week intern,

For sports teams, to individual sports regimes,

For pre-operation , to post-operation,

For the marriage counselor, to acupuncture,

For the corporate executive, to the oil land baron,

For the interrogators' inquisition, to spiritual ambition,

For the 100 hour per week workaholic, to our public servants,

For the neuroscientist, to the theoretical physicist,

For the cardiologist, to the anesthesiologist,

For our children, to our future benefactors,

For Kings and Queens, to Sheikhs and Sultans,

For our preemies, to our mobility impaired,

For the ER staff, to the Corporate Board,


"Everybody can benefit from relaxation."

Jason, President & Inventor




 The Mind Table®

Controlled Relaxation ~ Measurable Results®



The Mind Table® - The only 'patented' therapeutic system of its kind.

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