The Mind Table®

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     The Mind Table® is  a virtually maintenance free relaxation device which uses less than 1 to 2 amps of electricity, costing a few pennies per minute to operate over the course of the first six months of usage. The Mind Table® returns the highest cost benefit/ROI for the consumer through our 'patented' therapeutic system.


The Mind Table® -  The only 'patented' therapeutic system of its kind:

Available now for stress management and complete cellular decompression.


There is one main problem for every employer – “The structure for knowing that the witness affirms is so firmly established in the human mind that logic and analysis are not likely to loosen its hold." Tarthang Tulku, The  Dynamics of Space and Time


An unfortunate common workplace procedure is followed -

Reducing costs while improving productivity is squandered.

It is clearly evident when compared to health care costs.


Consider the work force.

A)   Aging Demographic             B)   Prevention and Lifestyle

C)   Increased use of IT          D)  Increased knowledge exchange

E)   Workforce skills                  F)   Wider range of outlets



 Common Goal – “Build a society of healthy children,  strong families, decent housing, and have good schools and work that dignifies.” Entrepreneurship for Everyone


  Answer – One option remains, companies can insure cost reductions through the repeated use of allowing employees hours per month the ability to control their blood flow while relaxing their nervous system from internal and external stressors.


  Within one month, any company will show significant cost reductions and improvements across their entire business plan while using The Mind TableTM.


          Economists have a simple equation -

    Relaxation = Reduced Costs =

                        Money in the BankTM


 The Mind Table®

Controlled Relaxation - Measurable Results®

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