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The Mind Table, LLC:

Creating the only 'Patented' blood movement system of its kind in the world.

( Utility Patent # 8,353,855 & Design Patent # 8,708,936 )



The Mind Table® 'patented' system was developed to address the basic need to gradually and controllably stretch a person while allowing the nervous system to relax.

The Mind Table® dramatically reduces the physical stress created by the force of gravity while producing the most beneficial environment for relaxation through enhanced blood movement 'Patented' therapeutic technology.

"Very relaxing.  Perfect for patients with circulatory problems."  Donald, Occupational Therapist


(Below:  Sample stretching profiles - The Mind Table® offers unmatched flexibility for personal desires.)


Why is blood movement so important?

Why is relaxing the nervous system vital?

Why is stretching the body so beneficial?


The Mind Table® 'Patented' therapeutic system can be applied quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to allow the simplest solution through controlled physical and mental relaxation therapy.

How will you benefit from controlled blood volume movement therapy?



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Made in the USA - US Army Veteran Invented & Owned



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